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Hello, and welcome to Century Hardwood Floors in Burbank, your local wood flooring company for over 25 years. We’ve been proudly serving Burbank, Glendale and Studio City for over 25 years, and we’re still going strong. Our reputation as a trustworthy, reliable company was built over many years on the foundation of affordable pricing, excellent client service, and perfect floors. Every part of our business lends itself to serving you and exceeding your expectations. From our flooring technicians, who are each seasoned professionals in their fields, to our office staff, ready to help you at a moment’s notice, each part of our company is dedicated to your service. In fact, we’re so sure that you’ll love our service and your floors when we’re done with them, that we guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

We can do it all

From the most basic of services to the most complicated, Century Hardwood Floors in Burbank is trained to do these services and everything in between. A few of the many services we offer include, but are not limited to: wood floor installation, hardwood refinishing, floor buffing, staircase step installation, custom staining, color matching, wood floor repair and many, many more. We offer general services as well as specialized, custom services that can fit the needs of your project. As to the processes themselves, we’ll detail them here so you can have a better idea of what we can do for you.

Wood Floor Installation

The method for any wood flooring work can be very technical and complicated, but we’ve worked closely with our floor techs to write something that is both accurate and easy to understand for our readers who aren’t proficient with industrial-grade machinery. First, the old flooring will be completely removed, as any material left over on the floor is an obstacle to the new installation. The sub-floor is then reviewed and tested for moisture levels. If the test comes back unsatisfactory, it may be removed, or it may be treated with chemicals to get it in acceptable condition for the installation. After the sub-floor is taken care of, the new floor is installed above it. There are three distinct methods when it comes to installing a wood floor: nails, glue, or staples. Generally, the method is dependent upon the installer as well as the species and composition of the floor itself. When the floor is finished being installed, it is then stained if an unfinished floor was chosen. The stain is either made to look like the original color of the floor, or a new, custom stain that the client has requested. Once the stain has dried, or once it is placed, the floor is then coated with several layers of polyurethane. These polyurethane coatings seal in the stain and color as well as help protect the floor from future damage, like scratches. After the polyurethane dries, the floor is safe to walk on again.

Hardwood Refinishing

Refinishing a wood floor is much like installing one, except the fact that the old floor is not going to be removed and replaced. The first step in the refinishing process is to sand down the floor multiple times. This is done so that all of the chemicals applied to the floor are easily and quickly absorbed. Once the floor is sanded down, various chemicals are applied that help the floor withstand the refinishing process as well as strengthen it for the years of compression to come. The floor is then stained. The stain is one of two choices: the first stain can be made to copy the original color of the floor, while the second choice can be a completely unique, custom stain that the client can commission to be made. Regardless of the color, the floor is stained and left to dry. When the floor has finished drying, it is coated with several layers of polyurethane. These layer seal in the stain as well as protect the floor from light damage in the future.

Wood Floor Repair

The process of repairing a wood floor can be very tricky, depending on the type of damage itself. Different damage types need to be handled in certain ways in order to be successfully repaired. For example, the process of repairing buckling is much different than trying to repair water damage. A few of the damage types we repair are: dents, deep scratches, water damage, buckling, stains, and many other types. Since explaining the process for each of these would take up way too much space, the basis for most of them is simply a modified version of a refinishing.

Wood Floor Buffing

While not as complicated as an installation or a repair project, buffing a floor still requires skilled hands to work the machines that clean the floor. Since we use industrial-grade machinery and materials, improper use and handling of them can result in permanent damage being done to the floor. Fortunately, this will never happen when we work on the project, but the attention to detail and correct methods must still be respected.  To begin, the floor is cleaned thoroughly so that no dirt and grit can pose as obstacles to the later steps. When the floor is clean, it is lightly sanded down to remove any polyurethane residue. Once the floor is sanded, it is covered with several coats of polyurethane to help make cleaning easier as well as help protect the floor from future damage.

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