Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners by Licensed Contractors in Los Angeles

July 3, 2014 CCHWFinc BlogThe Los Angeles Flooring Contractors Blog

Some of the worst hardwood floors fall into disrepair because the owners did not know how to properly maintain and care for their floors. Fear not, here at Century Custom Hardwood Floors, we can show you how to keep your floors in the best condition for the longest time.

To start off, only use products that are rated or approved for use on hardwood floors. There are many people out there who think that any product, as long as it says ‘floors’, will do the trick. This is incorrect; improper cleaning agents will not clean and will usually end up damaging your floors. So once again, only use products that are made for hardwood floor use.

With some major exceptions, maintaining hardwood floors are somewhat like maintaining other rigid floors. Regular cleaning is recommended on a daily basis. Sweeping your floors every day can reduce the dirt and grit on your floor, reducing the damage and scratches these can cause over time. Mopping is also suggested, if not daily then at least bi-weekly. Mop only using hardwood floor cleaner. Never use water-based or ammonia-based products. These can actually damage your floor by eroding the protective coating and then eating away at the wood underneath. Water can cause swelling of the wood and cause it to burst, while ammonia can actually dissolve the wood. Both are scenarios you do not want.

Waxing is not recommended at all, because the wax is usually not compatible with the wood floors, and can also end up damaging it. What is recommended, however, is a buffing every 3 months or so. This is so that the buffer can repair tiny scratches and remove all contaminants. Plus, it makes your floors shine bright like a diamond. We here at Century Floors offer this service at an affordable price, and it usually only takes a day.

Moderate to severe scratches, are unfortunately permanent until you refinish your floors. This is due to the composition of the wood, and only certain chemicals can repair damage of this magnitude. These chemicals are not readily available to the general public. Century Floors offers this service at a fair price, and it saves you from having to install a whole new floor.

Now, getting back to the proper care. There are several precautionary measures we suggest to keep your floors looking great. Cover high-traffic areas with cross-stitch rugs, this will prevent scratching and damage. Never wear high heels while walking on the bare hardwood floor. Likewise, keep your pets off the bare hardwood, or trim their nails so that they do not scratch the floor. Do not track sand, dirt and grit onto the floor. Following some or all of these steps can dramatically increase the lifespan of your hardwood floors, making them last decades.

And hey, even if they don’t, Century Floors is here for you with any service your hardwood floors might need, be it installation, refinishing, buffing or otherwise. Whether you’re in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, or Brentwood, we can accommodate any problem and place. Give us a call today, you won’t regret it.

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