Do you need professionally installed floors in your Pasadena office, home, dance studio, gym or property?

Then you’re in luck. Century Custom Hardwood Floors in Pasadena is a local flooring company that’s been catering to the San Gabriel Valley’s flooring needs for over 29 years, and we’re not slowing down. We base our business around our clients and their satisfaction. In fact, we’re so dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction that we guarantee it 100%. We can guarantee this because we’ve been perfecting our trade for years, and we offer excellent service and beautiful floors, all at an affordable price. Not only are we experienced, but we also have all of the prerequisite licensing, bonding and insurance needed for this kind of work. Our qualifications go above and beyond the basics, much like our service. We also have NWFA certification, due to our wood floor expertise, as well as an A+ rating by the BBB for our standard of excellence in client relations. When you choose us as your Pasadena-based flooring contractors, you won’t have any major headaches.

We install, repair, refinish, buff and clean all kinds of flooring in Pasadena

Even though our name has “hardwood” in it, we actually work with all kinds of flooring. We used to specialize exclusively in wood floor projects, but we recently expanded out into two other markets, so now we work with carpeting, ceramic tiles, and of course, wood floors. The range of services we offer extends into: installation, repairs, refinishing, buffing and cleaning, as well as slew of more services available to clients with specific project needs. While most projects only require knowledge of one type of flooring, we’ve worked on projects that had multiple flooring types on the same property. We offer flooring in various styles and price ranges so that anyone can have great flooring. Our carpet stock consists of several name brands, each having their own line of carpets, available in various colors and textures. These carpets are made of high-quality materials, and won’t tear easily or need to be replaced often. The ceramic tiles we offer run the entire price range; from domestic porcelain to terra cotta from Europe, we carry it all. Though they do vary in quality, these tiles are excellent choices for moisture-heavy rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. Finally, our inventory of available woods is huge, spanning over 40 different species and sub-species of hardwoods, each coming in 3 quality grades: solid, engineered, and laminate. These 40 are further expanded by dozens of brands, stains, and colors. We also have a custom floor service that allows clients to completely customize their wood floor, from the color, to the stain, tone, finish, gloss level, and even the thickness. If we can’t find your dream floor, then we can make it a reality thanks to our custom floor service.

We’ve worked with all kinds of clients and commercial partners

Though our company is small, we’ve handled thousands of projects successfully, each with its own set of challenges. The names of clients we’ve worked with is long, and it includes a wide variety of occupations, including: realtors, brokers, interior and exterior designers, homebuilders, architects, general contractors, schools, churches, commercial corporations, local governments, and although we respect the privacy of our clients, without mentioning specific names – we’ve even had the esteemed pleasure of serving Hollywood’s elite, celebrity actors and actresses. This, combined with over 2 decades of experience allows us to service any client with any project, no matter the complexity or size. We even have certain incentives for certain clients that choose to work with us, in addition to our excellent service. For clients who facilitate dealing between 2 parties, like realtors and brokers, we offer a generous referral bonus. This bonus is a percentage of the total cost of each project brought to us by a referred client. We offer a comprehensive design consultation for our private clients, like homeowners and designers that offer insight into the technical aspect of a project, so that the creative aspect can easily balance and so that the client can have a cohesive room, as well as a cohesive overall project. Whomever the client, whatever the project, we have something to offer anyone.

Project Safety and Schedule

Being accredited and certified by various organizations makes us hold ourselves to a high standard of excellence, as well as a strict standard of safety. We value the safety of your property and our crews as much as we value client satisfaction. This way of thinking has allowed us to be completely accident free on-site for our entire history, and we plan to keep it that way. All of the chemicals we use are handled and disposed of properly, so you won’t have to worry about harmful residue or toxic fumes being left on your floor after a project. Also important to note is the fact that we use industrial-grade machinery for the best results. This type of machinery could also permanently damage your floor is used incorrectly, but with our hardwood flooring service in Pasadena you’ll never have to worry about that. Of course, that’s why it’s important to choose a flooring contractor who knows what they’re doing. As for the time needed to complete a project, it’s difficult to say without surveying the site first. That being said, there are certain projects which have a roughly accurate time estimate. For example, a carpet installation can usually be started and finished on the same day, but a wood floor installation of comparable size can take up to 3 weeks, depending on the species of wood and the regional humidity. However, these are just rough estimates, and your time may vary significantly.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today

Now that you know what wonders we can do for you, why not give us call or send us an e-mail? Our office staff would be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have about our services, policies or qualifications. We can also arrange an appointment for you with our estimator or project manager, free of charge or obligation, at your convenience. Whether you need wood flooring installed in South Pasadena, custom hardwood floor refinishing in San Marino, or your hardwood floors  repaired in Arcadia, we can help you with any project. Choose Pasadena’s preferred family-owned and operated flooring company for all of your hardwood floor needs, you won’t regret it.

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