Custom Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Staining, Bleaching of Engineered, Unfinished or Solid Flooring

burbank hardwood floors refinishing Custom Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Staining, Bleaching of Engineered, Unfinished or Solid FlooringEven though most people choose to install completely new hardwood floors, there are other options if you’re budget conscious or just want to keep your old floors. Here at Century Custom Hardwood Floors, whatever your reason, we can accommodate any floor and any client.

Refinishing hardwood floors is completely different from an installation, though their results may be quite similar. The major difference most people seem to appreciate is the fact that a refinishing is drastically cheaper than an installation, while producing virtually the same result. That, and the fact that you can keep the same floors you’ve had for years. But what exactly is refinishing? Well, when it comes to hardwood flooring in general – Refinishing can be considered an art which we happen to be masters at!  Refinishing requires a seasoned professional who knows exactly how to handle the heavy equipment with a touch as light as a feather.  Sandings floor can easily go wrong, especially if unexperienced.  But ‘how’ you might ask?  It’s simple, if too much weight is applied, the sanding is not only done unevenly but it may also sand off too much of the wood itself, leaving no other option BUT to re-install new hardwood floors all together.

Refinishing and Installations are actually more Similar than you think!

Refinishing is the process of taking an old floor and restoring it to its former glory. That is to say, its condition when it was first installed. That’s one of the many benefits to hardwood floors. Instead of having to completely replace the floors, you can simply refinish them and they’ll last even longer. Some hardwood species can even last up to or over a century, if maintained properly, but that’s another article. Back to refinishing. Though this process is not as lengthy or complex as an installation, it is still run by the same manual, but different guidelines. There are various regulations exclusive to a refinishing, as a refinishing usually produces more waste and thus, a greater chance of toxicity or injury. What basically happens can be summed up fairly easily.

custom hardwood floor refinishing in simi valley Custom Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Staining, Bleaching of Engineered, Unfinished or Solid Flooring

Anatomy of our Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

First, the floors are inspected by hand to determine the extent of the wear and tear. They are then tested by chemical means to ascertain underlying problems that may not show up on the initial inspection. After the floors are determined to be salvageable, the real work begins. They are removed and sanded down several times. The sub-floors may also be sanded down, or removed completely, depending on how bad the damage is. The main floors are sanded, and treated heavily and carefully with a large variety of chemicals to repair the, increase the lifespan as well as some protective agents and sealants.

All of this is to protect to the floor from future damage so they last longer in the same condition. This way the floors will not degrade quickly, and will stay looking new long after they are refinished. After they and the sub-floors are treated, they’re put back into place and buffed. The buffing is done with more chemical solutions and cleaning agents so as to evenly distribute all the applied chemicals. Time is needed for the hardwood to absorb all of the solutions, and then they’re ready to go.

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Depending on the initial and final conditions of the floor, you floors will last you another one to several decades. Maintenance and care figure into this, but that’s another animal altogether. So if you think a refinishing is right for your floors, give us a call today. Or maybe your floors are (unfortunately) beyond saving, then we’ll do a new installation. Or maybe you just want a simple buffing. No problem at all, Century Floors can do it for you if you reside in Venice, Northridge, or anywhere in between. Contact us today, you won’t regret it.

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